Hungry to Lighten Up & Gain New Life?

I was too. I turned 40 feeling heavier, and yet hungrier, than ever before.  

I was hungry to gain new life. 

So I put feet to my prayers to make simple, steady changes. 

I’ve let go of nearly 50 pounds to lighten up for good. 

Today, I teach women ages 40+ how to discover new ways to step into your Queendom to lighten up and express more of who you came here to be. 

So you can make peace at the plate, reclaim your power, and let go of the weight (wait) for the very last time.

Reclaim your power to lighten up for good.

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Meet the Passionate Redhead Who’s on a Mission

Lara Zuehlke is an experienced long-distance athlete, certified food psychology coach, passionate speaker, and award-winning writer.

As host of the Fit Over 40 podcast and founder of ZulaFit, Lara is on a mission to help women ages 40+ graduate into their Queendom to let go of the weight (wait) and gain new life. 

Letting go of the weight (wait) has been a long and winding journey Lara knows quite well. And she’s got the scars, stretch marks, and successes to prove that no matter how many times you may have stumbled in the past, it really IS possible to lighten up for good. 

What is ZulaFit?

In this recent interview with “A Reasonably Spontaneous Conversation,” Lara explains why ZulaFit is on a mission to shift the conversation about how we think of “diet and exercise.”

Fit Over 40: Welcome to Your Queendom!

Looking for a weekly dose of mindful inspiration, spiritual ah-has, and action-packed tips?

Then check out the Fit Over 40 podcast. Each week, Lara and her guests shine the light of love and humor on eating, moving, living, and of course, aging with grit and grace.

You’ll walk away feeling more empowered to step into your Queendom to lighten up for good!

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