Just like we have daily rituals of showering or checking social media, in this week’s episode Lara outlines the 4 daily essentials to lightening up.

These are the key 4 steps that you can take every day to begin letting go of the weight (wait). And they are the daily steps you can return to as your touchstone when you feel like you’ve lost focus or strayed off track.

Essential #1 – Focus: Give yourself at least 1 new thought, or power statement, each day to focus on your mind on where you want to go, not where you’ve been.

Essential #2 – Get Clear: Give yourself few minutes each day to write in your journal. First, let go of the swirl in your head and heart to write what’s going on for you. Then write down your 24-hour food plan and come back to account for what happened. Did you stay on track? Stay curious, not critical.

Essential #3 – Sleep & Drink Water: Both sleep and water are the key ingredients to restore your body and ensure you have the right energy. So you’re not grabbing whatever food you can find.

Essential #4 – Keep Moving! Give yourself a few minutes each day to stretch, walk, move and come home to your body and breathe! This not only helps reduce stress, but also helps you signal to the Universe you’re willing to put feet to your prayers!

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