It’s so easy to see the truth when it comes to other people.

But when it comes to ourselves?

Well, not so much.

This week, in our very first guest episode, we sit down with Erin Donley, author of the new book “Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down.” Erin is a ghostwriter and author in Portland, Oregon.

Whether hosting a television talk show, writing a column for Huffington Post, or blaring her trumpet in front of a crowd, Erin is no stranger to showing up in a big way. Yet, like most of us, when it comes to facing the truth behind closed doors, it can sometimes be a startling realization to see where in your life there’s more to reveal.

In episode 20, “Facing Your Truth,” we cover it all – from our relationship with food and the true power behind PMS to learning to be alone and becoming happier as we age.

This one is packed with wisdom, plus, a whole lot of laughs!

References in this Episode

“Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down: Face Your Power and Find Your Peace” by Erin Donley 

“Aging Offers Women ‘Enormous Opportunities for Growth’ Says Author,” (Fresh Air, NPR)

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