It’s the time of year to turn within, reflect, and explore what’s ahead.

Most of all, it’s the time of year that begs the ultimate question, “What am I DONE with?” What do you want to leave behind and how can you use that DONE-ness to step forward in a new way?

This week, in Episode 46, we explore a quick exercise to help you identify where you’re DONE. And, instead, we look at how to reframe that from a feeling of “missing out,” to choosing what you’d want to experience instead.

Whether you use this for inspiration for your New Year’s vision or you’re simply ready to choose again, this episode will help you get clear and get moving!


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Holiday Eating Survival Guide


Closing Affirmative Prayer

“I pray everything needing to be known is revealed here today. All of my words, thoughts, and actions serve the highest and best good of the Universe, others, and myself. I am grounded in my highest truth, yet willing to bend, adapt, and change. It is safe for me to share my knowledge, talents, and gifts with the world, and in return I joyfully receive all the love, support, money, and good from the Universe. I am an instrument of light and love. I am a channel of Divine abundance in service to the world. Blessed be. And so it is. And so I let it be.” ~Lara Zuehlke