We brush our teeth. Eat healthy. And drink our water.

But when it comes to taking care of our energy, most of us haven’t learned how. And no, it’s not just about rubbing on some lavender oil or taking a Calgon bath.

In this episode, Lara explains the 5 exercises to balance and boost your energy. They are so simple you can do them anywhere!

1: Anchoring

Grounds energy into the earth. Feet hip-width apart. Hands in prayer position. Pause breathe, and send your energy into the earth (30 seconds – 1 minute)

2: Raising Heaven

Opens spinal column to re-energize body. Feet hip-width apart. With arms outstretched, palms down, raise your arms straight overhead – inhale. Then exhale taking arms straight back down.  (3-5 breaths)

3: 3 Thumps

Decongest stuck energy by tapping/rubbing key energy points. 1. The K-27 point under the collarbone.  2. Tapping on the thymus under the middle of your breastbone. 3. Rubbing the spleen point under the breasts. (30 seconds each)

4: Infinity / Circle 8 Weave

Balances left and right hemispheres of brain. Feet little wider than hip-width apart. Envision holding a beach ball. With arms outstretched, weave a figure 8 pattern going from bottom right to top left and crossing over opposite direction.  (8-10 figures/cycles)

5: Crown Pull

Pulls off loose/negative mental energy that can cloud thinking and create tiredness. Connect pinky fingers in middle of forehead, hands flat against top of the head. Start at forehead and move toward back of the head. Envision pulling energy off and sending into earth.   (3-5 pulls)