Do you feel like you’ve hit “the wall?”

You know, that elusive moment in your journey where you feel like no matter how much you monitor your food or exercise, you just can’t seem to let go of the weight (wait). By the time we reach 40, many of us come to buy into that old story that our metabolism suddenly stops working. But it hasn’t.

This week, we explore the 3 types of metabolism and how each plays a role in letting go of the weight (wait) for good.

Questions for Exploration

This week in your Daily Pages, I’d like you to explore where you feel like your metabolism feels stuck. For now I’d like you to pick the one that feels the strongest resonance and moving forward this week really pay attention. Head over to your journal, your Daily Pages, and explore the following questions. 

  • Do you feel stuck psychologically in feeling like there are better foods you could eat? New ways you could move?
  • Or mentally in realizing there are some really draining beliefs you have about yourself and your body?
  • Or spiritually in realizing there are ways you feel really disconnected from life, from Source/God, from others? And you’re using food to substitute?
  • What thoughts or beliefs are you noticing about this area of your metabolism? What feelings do those thoughts produce?
  • How are these beliefs/stories empowering you? Or weighing you down?
  • What’s a new, better feeling thought or story you could choose to tell yourself to feel better? And enact different choices?

Let Me Know What You Think

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