If the ‘calories in, calories out’ model of food restriction worked to lose the weight, wouldn’t it have worked by now? Surely one of the many diets you’ve been on would have been the golden ticket.

The truth is to let go of the weight (wait) for good, it’s our approach to food that must change. The traditional, two-dimensional model of diet and exercise alone can’t get us where we want to go. And yet at this time of year, everyone’s really focused on what they’re eating. But the what isn’t the real issue.

To let go of the weight (wait) for good, it’s our approach to food that must change. Because food isn’t the enemy. And your body is hard-wired to retaliate when you deprive it of the pleasure, nourishment, and food it needs. The truth is, it’s time to make peace at the plate.

The question is: Are you willing?

This week launches the first of a 4-part “Getting Started” series on the Fit Over 40 podcast. And the first place we begin is where we’ve all been taught to focus: the food. In this episode, we explore the real reason we need pleasure in our diets, simple tips for meal prep, and which baby steps matter most to let go of the weight (wait) for the last time.

Resources in This Episode

Slow Down Diet by Marc David

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Wellness Mama Blog by Katie Wells


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