More Joy. Less Guilt.

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Love the holidays but hate the fear of weight (wait) gain?

Nothing steals our holiday joy more than that creeping, nagging voice of, “don’t eat that, you’ll get fat.”

Or even worse, that other nag who encourages you, “just eat whatever you want…you can start fresh New Year’s Day.”

Yet, deep down you still feel guilty.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?!


What if you could enjoy this holiday season and arrive at New Year’s Day still buttoning up your favorite jeans?

7 Simple Tips for Mindful Holiday Eating

Make a Game Plan

How to approach the holidays as “days,” not months of all-or-nothing eating. 

Honor Your Hunger

How to stay mindful of mouth vs. belly hunger so you can enjoy without overeating.

Nourish Yourself

How to create time-outs to unwind and de-stress so you aren’t tempted to eat to soothe. 

Hi, I’m Lara…

I understand what it’s like to struggle with holiday eating.

For me, it was an all-out frenzy from Halloween through my birthday in mid-November. Then I’d cruise into Thanksgiving to eat (and drink) my way to Christmas.

I’d show up at New Year’s Day feeling stuffed, guilty, and frustrated. 

But then I began paying a little more attention. I began putting into practice the tips I share with you through the Holiday Eating Survival Guide.

I broke the holiday eating cycle to end the weight (wait) gain…while still enjoying the holidays!


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