Meet the Passionate Redhead Who’s on a Mission

An experienced long-distance athlete and certified food psychology coach, Lara Zuehlke hosts the Fit Over 40 podcast and is founder of ZulaFit based in Austin, Texas.

Through ZulaFit and the Fit Over 40 podcast, Lara (pronounced La-rah Zule-key) is on a mission to help women reclaim their power at the plate, and in life, so they can lighten up in a whole new way. Lara works with women primarily ages 40+ who are tired of dieting and feeling weighed down and are ready to gain new life.

This is a journey Lara knows well, as she began dieting at age 10 and cumulatively lost and gained hundreds of pounds over nearly 25 years of dieting. In her early 30s, she began studying food psychology, in addition to competing in long-distance triathlons, cycling events, and marathons.

It’s this insight that helped her develop a framework for eating, moving, and living that’s empowered her to make peace with food and shed more than 40 pounds for good.

Lara draws from a deep background in personal and spiritual development, along with a 22-year career in marketing, editorial production, and content strategy.

Whether it’s the red hair or passion for storytelling, Lara is also a dynamic speaker and award-winning writer. She earned a bachelor’s in journalism from Texas A&M University. 

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Ready for a New Conversation?

Having served as both a reporter and media strategist, Lara understands how to tailor the message to ensure the right fit for your channel. Below are a few of the story angles she could address to more deeply engage, educate, and move your audiences to action.

Lose It the Way You Can Live It

Diets don’t work for the long term. By making slow, steady changes, however, it IS possible to let go of the weight (wait) for good. 

Ending Emotional Eating

Food is primal. So it’s no wonder we emotionally soothe with food. Yet, emotional eating can create havoc on our long-term health. 

4 Keys to Your Queendom

The princess can’t stay the princess forever. These 4 keys provide women a roadmap to reclaim their power to age with grit and grace.

The Weight-Wait Connection

The weight on our bodies is just one part of the story. That’s because physical weight and creative expression are two sides of the same coin. 

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