Lara Zuehlke

The Cheerleader Who Ditched the Skirt




For as long as she can remember, Lara has been coaching and cheering on others. From her high school basketball team to software bloggers and C-level executives, Lara understands how to meet people where they are to empower success.


Growing up listening to Wayne Dyer and Zig Ziglar cassette tapes on the way to school, Lara draws from a deep background in spiritual growth, personal development, and more than two decades of experience as an award-winning writer and marketer.


Whether she’s speaking to large conferences or facilitating intimate workshops, Lara’s passion is contagious. Perhaps it has something to do with being a redheaded Scorpio who’s on a mission. 

Bringing Ideas to Life

With more than 20 years of experience as a speaker, coach, and facilitator, Lara Zuehlke is passionate about sharing ideas, cultivating ah-has, and inspiring others to put feet to their prayers. Over the years, she’s spoken on a range of topics from brand storytelling and content strategy to working with diverse and creative teams. Today, Lara’s work focuses on empowering success through unleashing creative and personal weight (wait).   


The Rest of Your Story

“It’s too late for me,” is one of the stories that holds us back and keeps us stuck personally and professionally as we age. Lara guides audiences in gaining clarity about where they are being called to write the rest of their story. And provides key tips to help take actionable steps forward.

The Weight-Wait Connection

Creative weight (wait) and physical weight (wait) are two sides of the same coin. Often when we seek to lighten up, it’s because deep down we want to gain new life. Lara guides audiences in identifying where and how to unleash the weight (wait) to express more life.

The 4 Keys to Your Queendom

The princess can’t stay the princess forever. Yet, in our culture women often struggle in graduating into their Queendom. These 4 keys provide women a roadmap to reclaim their power to lighten up in every area of life.

Meet the Passionate Redhead 

About Lara Zuehlke

An experienced long-distance athlete and certified food psychology coach, Lara Zuehlke hosts the Fit Over 40 podcast and is the founder and owner of ZulaFit, a mind-body-soul fitness and wellness community for women ages 40 and up. She draws from a deep background in personal development, along with a 22-year career in marketing, content strategy and development, and brand storytelling. Over the years, Lara has served as a panelist, presented training, and facilitated workshops for nonprofits, private companies, universities, and Fortune 500 firms. An award-winning writer, Lara has also received numerous awards for marketing, editorial production, and mentorship. Lara received a bachelor’s in journalism from Texas A&M University.

Speaking Portfolio 

Over the years, Lara has spoken on a range of topics focused on spiritual growth, personal development, storytelling, unblocking creativity, and diversity in the workplace. Some of her presentations include… 

Unity Church of the Hills, Austin 2019 

Public Relations Society of America, Austin Lunch & Learn | 2018

United Way of Greater Houston, Workshop Facilitator | 2018

Innovatix + Essensa National Meeting, Breakout Speaker | 2017

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Austin, Lunch & Learn Speaker | 2016

IABC Southern Region Conference, Session Speaker | 2016

Concordia University Texas, CommConnection Panelist | 2016

car2go, Creative Writing Facilitation | 2015

Central Texas Medical Center, Editorial Strategy Facilitation | 2015

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