Ready to Let Go of the Weight (Wait) for Good?

Discover the mind-body-soul approach to  make peace with food, lighten up for good, and express more of who you came here to be. 

Have you ever asked yourself…

Why does it feel so hard to make changes that really stick? 

How can I lighten up on myself to just enjoy life? 

What foods and exercises am I supposed to do when I’ve tried everything?!

Why even bother…?

I get it. Because as I turned 40, those were the questions I’d wondered for years.

I thought there was a secret “formula.”

And I thought if I could just figure out the “perfect” diet of calories and exercise, then I really could let go of the weight (wait).

The problem is, I’d be doing that same drill since I began dieting at age 10.

Every diet was a different flavor of the same terrible recipe.

One that left me feeling tired, hungry, angry, and even heavier than before.

Until I finally came to understand…

Letting go of the weight (wait) for good means losing it the way you can live it. 

That means tip-toeing below the plate and looking beyond the scale to make changes where they matter most: in your head and heart.


First, explore if the ZulaFit approach resonates with you.

ZulaFit is for women who are DONE with years of yo-yo dieting but don’t know what else to do.

For women who feel tired, frustrated, restless, and flat-out stuck.

For women who are hungry way down in their souls for something more.

So first, check out the Fit Over 40 podcast “Episode 29: The 4 Keys to Your Queendom” to see if this mind-body-soul approach is right for you.

Like what you hear? Good! Sign up to take the free mini-course.

Through the free ZulaFit Jumpstart Program, I share with you the 3 essential steps to take each day to let go of the weight (wait) for good.

Think of this as a framework for eating, moving, and living.

This isn’t a temporary diet or quick fix.

There’s no counting.

No starving.

No shaming.

It’s what I used to let go of nearly 50 pounds for good. And how I live today.


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Suddenly, I don't feel like a failure.

“The path Lara lays out is solution-oriented while addressing the body, mind and spirit. This is an amazing resource for women looking to change unhelpful patterns.”

– Beverly, Austin, Texas

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